The Best Way to Ask for A Salary Raise

As to my point of view, when the boss recognizes your accomplishments or achievements in a 6 months’ time or less than, he’s going to call you, review your work and give you a raise. But the reality is, most of the time, most of the employees asked for it. We have to face the reality that we need to let them know we deserve a raise.

Some pointers to ask for a raise you deserve.

  1. Openly talk to your manager about your plans and opinion for what have you done for the past 6 months. Make sure that you and your manager knows all the milestone you have for the past months you are working with them. Aside from letting them know about your achievements, you also should ask for recommendation how will you improve more your skills and talent to help the company for its growth and in the future. Don’t wait for your superiors to acknowledge your achievements but rather be excited to tell them what you have in your bucket.
  2. Be responsible for the task you will be facing in your current role and your future job. Being responsible on all the loads you are taking for your growth is very important. Identify all the tasks and responsibilities you will be facing and make sure to work it out because this will guide your path to your promotion and salary increase. Time management is the key to work on both your current and future role, take down your priorities and organize questions that you have so you can raise it with your manager.
  3. Research for the current salary of your current role and the salary of your target job in your company, for you to have basis on how much you will be asking. Once you’re done with your research, you have to create your own spiel or your speech to your boss. Your speech must contain of the reason you deserve to have that raise not because you need it. Telling them and making them realize what you’ve done for the past months will help you send to them that you are deserving for a raise, results are better reason for asking for the raise than telling them you need it.
  4. Be open about your future plans and your opinion to have a better and efficient strategy of how your work will be done faster and easier, so that you will be more productive in the coming days. Telling them your plans in the future will make them see your eager of making it to be an asset of the company.

These are some pointers to prepare for yourself when you know you need a raise or promotion. You also have to consider that you need to prepare yourself from hearing the word NO. This maybe the most painful word you may hear but going through this process one thing that is more important is, you are able to appreciate your worth and know what you are and what you can be.

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